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Why Wildflowers?

"May your life be like a wildflower
growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day."

- Native American Proverb- 

Wildflower Arts is a mother and daughter business.  Sharon Melville and Tonia Heng are both quilters with a large amount of other crafts to keep them busy as well.  Between the two they do embroidery, stamping and stenciling on fabric, glass bead making, Tiffany stained glass, glass fusing and slumping. Both have been sewing for many years and Sharon has been quilting for 40 years whereas though Tonia made a quilt in a class in her late teens she has just gotten back to quilting in the last decade. 

Why wildflowers?  As a tribute and in memory of a wonderful husband and father, Garry Melville, we have named our business after the flowers he loved.  He would wait until the dandelions would quit blooming to cut them and preferred not to cut down the daisies and buttercups.  His happiness in the simple beauty of a wildflower should be an example to us all to find the beauty in the little and simple things in life.

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