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Quilting Services

Specializing in edge to edge designs, also known as pantographs

We charge 3.0 cents a square inch

To calculate the cost to quilt your quilt take the length measurement and multiply it by the width and get the total square inches in your quilt.  Then multiply that by 0.03.

For example:

The average queen quilt is 90" by 95" so:

90 x 95 = 8550, then 8550 x 0.03 = $256.50

The quilt needs to be ready for quilting when we receive it.  It must be ironed and the threads removed.  We will iron fold creases from it before quilting but the seams on the back must be ironed before we get it. If we have to do repairs or prepare the quilt to be quilted extra charges will apply.

We specialize in edge-to-edge designs, with many designs to choose from.

Additional Charges – As needed

If the quilt is not ready for quilting when we receive it extra charges will apply.

Excessive loose thread removal - $10.00                                                   Ironing - $10.00

Preparing Backing - This means joining fabrics, with at least a half in seam allowance, squaring backing up and if it is flannel it must be pre-washed. –  If we sew together $20.00

The quilt backing must be at least 5 inches larger than the quilt top – on all sides – or leaders will need to be added.  For each leader added there will be a $5 charge.

Batting – We provide Hobbs 80/20 for quilts.  If you wish for a different type of batting please provide it and if batting is provided it must be at least 5 inches larger than front of quilt on all sides. 

Thread – We will provide thread unless a specialty thread or a color we do not have is requested. In that case you will be advised of the cost.

Binding –  prepare binding (if fabric is provided) $20.00              Sew binding on front only - $.10 per linear inch   

Sew Binding on front/hand stitch back - $.40 per linear inch      Machine binding of the quilt, front and back, $.35 per linear inch


The quilt will be trimmed and squared up after quilting and, unless requested, the scrap fabric will not be returned.

If requested you will be given an estimate when you drop off your quilt, or in a call soon after drop off.  Your final total will be given to you when you pick up the quilt.  

We request at least a 6 week lead time to complete your quilt, if you need it sooner please let us know and we will try to accommodate your request.

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